1. Reforestation Project

San Luis de Monteverde, Costa Rica, 2011, 2012

The Costa Rican Conservation Foundation and the University of Georgia Costa Rica Campus (UGACR) are working together to propagate 30,000 native trees within the Bellbird Biological Corridor to increase forest coverage and the quality and quantity of habitat for the protection of local flora and fauna.

99 Fit4Earth students worked 792 hours putting together 1780 seedling bags and installing 2.5 km of live fences in the San Luis community.

75 Fit4Earth students worked 600 hours putting together 1450 seedling bags and installing 2.1 km of live fences in the San Luis community.

2. Biodigester Project

San Luis de Monteverde, Costa Rica, 2013

84 Fit4Earth students worked 672 hours installing 2 biodigesters in two small local farms. These San Luis families can now use methane gas as a cooking fuel to substitute propane, which currently has to be trucked in. They also use the nutrient rich organic material produced to fertilize their pastures and for other agricultural production.

Sponsor a Student from the Community

Enable students from a local high school in which a field station is embedded to engage actively in understanding environmental issues that affect their communities.  Help them engage in data collection and learn about the importance of taking care of the environment.

Have field station experts inspire and empower students to believe in their scientific abilities showing them their attitudes and actions can make a difference in the world.  Please help us motivate young people to develop scientific and interdisciplinary attitudes and environmental commitment, and promote rural tourism, sustainability and the local workforce.

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