TRANSFORMS Science Learning

Students engage in hands-on workshops delivered by an interdisciplinary team of experts which provides students with high quality inquiry experiences by simultaneously addressing essential knowledge and skills.

UNIQUE Methodology


Takes place outside the classroom in scientific field stations staffed by experts in their area, transforming the traditional high school science program.




IMMERSION in Scientific Field Stations


By being immersed in a scientific field station during 3-6 days students have the opportunity to think, communicate, and live as scientists do.



Focus on CORE Scientific Concepts and HANDS-ON Learning

Through this intense experience, students develop empathy, enthusiasm, and passion for science and the environment.


Access to Cutting Edge TECHNOLOGY


Students have access to field station's research equipment and facilities.



Students Become CHANGE Agents


An interdisciplinary team of the school teachers identify a relevant project that students can develop upon their return and that will become part of the school’s legacy.


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