We currently partner with university field stations in Costa Rica and harness their unique natural qualities to drive our programs. Costa Rica is recognized among the twenty countries with the highest biodiversity in the world, which makes it the ideal place to learn about science and the environment. Fit4Earth's goal is to expand its operations through partnerships with field stations throughout the world that offer the best, most exciting, and diverse learning opportunities for secondary students.

Our Partners: A Perfect Fit4 Learning Setting

University of Georgia Costa Rica Campus (UGACR)

Located in San Luis de Monteverde, adjacent to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Costa Rica is host to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and numerous other reserves, which draw considerable numbers of tourists and naturalists. National Geographic has called the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve "the jewel in the crown of cloud forest reserves"

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Physical Environment

Climate and Location

The University of Georgia’s campus in Costa Rica is located in the Montane Rain Forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica. The campus is strategically positioned where the Monteverde Conservation Zone and the Bellbird Biological Corridor converge. In San Luis, the climate is relatively mild throughout the year, with an average temperature of 64˚F (18˚C). While the entomologists will enjoy studying the impressive insect diversity here, it is a relatively mosquito-free area compared to the warmer lowland regions of the country.

Monteverde Conservation Zone

Comprised of a series of interconnected private and state-owned protected forests. Together, these forests represent a contiguous tract of 86,000 hectares (212,510 acres) of land designated strictly for conservation, research, education, and ecotourism. The majority of this protected forest spans an area from the Continental Divide down the Caribbean slope, ranging in elevation from approximately 1,500 meters above sea level (4,921 feet) down to 400 meters (1,312 feet) on the eastern side of the Divide. The Monteverde Conservation Zone is one of the most biodiverse regions in Costa Rica. To date, more than 3,000 species of plants have been identified in this area, including more than 500 species of orchids. Furthermore, there are over 400 species of birds, more than 150 species of butterflies, more than 200 mammals, including 50 species of bats, 60 species of 4 amphibians, 100 species of reptiles, and myriad insects, fungi, and other microorganisms waiting to be discovered and studied.

Bellbird Biological Corridor

The UGACR campus is in an ideal position, physically as well as institutionally, to play a leading role in research as well as policy development for the bellbird biological corridor research.  This corridor will connect the cloud forest with the mangrove forests, therefore allowing the migration of endangered bird species such as the bellbird and quetzal.



Academic Facilities

Climate Controlled Biology Wet Lab

Basic equipment to support field research and lab analysis. The lab includes a professionally-maintained insect collection that has been developed over the last 15 years by our faculty and students. This collection serves as an outstanding reference for field researchers.


UGACR Costa Rica Herbarium

Hosts the most representative plant collection of the flora of Monteverde. Missouri Botanical Garden botanist, Dr. William Haber, donated his personal collection to UGA Costa Rica when he retired in 2009. We maintain a collaborative working relationship with Dr. Haber, a resident of Monteverde. Moreover, UGA Costa Rica maintains strategic connections with the National Herbarium of Costa Rica, whose Director, Alfredo Cascante, completed his dissertation fieldwork at UGA Costa Rica.


Modern Geographic Information System Lab (GIS)

High end computers running ArcGIS and several other useful software programs for scientific computing. Six GPS units are available to check-out for field research activities including both recreational-grade (Garmin 60s) and mapping-grade (Garmin 17x/Trimble Nomad) GPS units. This Lab is connected to a central server which contains the latest spatial data available for the country, the Bellbird Biological Corridor, and other regions of interest. 


Computer Labs

Two computer labs with 12 well-maintained computer workstations. The central campus is connected to the Internet via fiber optic cable, offering high-speed Internet access, and buildings are equipped with a network of wireless access points that offer Wi-Fi accessibility to all campus users with laptop computers or other wireless devices.


Student Union

Serves as central gathering place, home to the cafetería, library, reception, academic program office and resident naturalists/interns office. It also provides wireless internet access.


Student Recreation Center

It is a great place for students to relax and socialize. It boasts a fireplace, ping pong and foosball tables. It also has White-boards and can be used for extra classroom or instructional space when needed. It also provides wireless internet access.


In Door and Open-Air Classrooms

Classrooms are nestled in the forest on main campus, near academic facilities.


Residential Facilities


Sixteen rooms in four separate buildings sleep four people each Each bungalow room has a private bath with hot water; desks and chairs; a closet with shelves; and a security safe. A covered veranda rings each of the bungalow buildings. The bungalows are located in the heart of the main campus, along the main entrance road.



Four mahogany paneled dorm rooms with bunk beds, a tiled floor, screened windows, and a security safe. Separate men's and women's bath houses (with hot water) and restroom facilities are 25 meters across the lawn. The bunkhouse sleeps a total of 22 people, and is located in the heart of the main campus, adjacent to the bungalows.


Cabina Rooms

Twelve rooms each have a private bath with hot water; balcony with a forest view; small refrigerator and coffee maker; and security safe. Each room sleeps one to five people.


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