Fit4Earth is an educational company with operations in Costa Rica, devoted to creating and bringing to life innovative immersive environmental scientific experiences for local secondary schools and schools offering global curriculum opportunities in the United States and Latin America. We link students with scientific communities, optimize teaching and learning resources for science, and attract young people to science and technology. The founders, Gabriela von Breymann and Patricia de la Cruz, are two seasoned teachers and passionate entrepreneurs who have a deep understanding of education, expertise in science and technology, and the business management experience to lead and execute the company’s vision. Contact us


To transform science into an accessible and relevant tool for young people around the world, allowing them to develop a positive attitude towards science and foster their commitment to addressing environmental issues.


To implement our scientific immersion model to achieve a shift in student thinking by encouraging STEM education and environmental responsibility in participants.


"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world"

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